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Natural Stone Bathrooms has a variety of stone it can use to transform your home. Stone is very versatile and can be used on walls and floors. We believe it is important for you to view the stone we have and understand the different characteristics. We have tried to simplify the description of the different types of stone available for you.

Natural Stone Bathrooms

LIMESTONE is a sedimentary rock formed by layers of shells and micro-skeletons deposited on the seabed, then compressed into the hard rock you see today. Each Limestone exhibits its own characteristic colours which vary from white through to deep black. Limestone can vary greatly in density dependant mainly on the Country of Origin. It will have occasional surface pitting, fossilised shells, fissures, mineral striations and resin fill. The options offered by limestone have ensured its popularity for literally thousands of years, now you can create your own lasting impression.

Natural Stone Bathrooms

MARBLE is a crystalline, metamorphic rock that was once originally Limestone. The process by which Limestone is altered in composition, is known as thermal metamorphism. In general terms subject to extreme heat, often volcanic. Marble is a dense stone, which traditionally was used to describe any stone with a polished finish. It is now available in different surface finishes. Marble is characterized by vein like patterns. Some Marble with particularly prominent veining may have a mesh backing applied to reinforce the material.

Natural Stone Bathrooms

TRAVERTINE is a form of sedimentary Limestone, made from compressed deposits left by calcite-rich hot springs. This results in stone of a honey combed structure. These natural voids are filled in honed travertine with resin or cement based products during the manufacturing process. These can sometimes appear on the surface after installation, they can be filled with grout or resin. Generally the voids are left unfilled in tumbled or brushed travertine. They are filled during the installation process by ‘Slurry grouting ‘the stone. There are three different grades of travertine, dependant on the quality, thickness and size of pits and voids. Travertine has mainly earthy tones, the silver being very striking.

All of these stones are available in a variety of finishes. The most common are:


The stone surface is brushed with diamond pads, which gives a slight surface texture and rounded edges.

Honed and Filled

Used mainly to describe travertine, where the surface is smooth, the edges straight and the voids filled with resin.


The stone surface is ground with diamond pads, which gives a highly reflective surface.


The stone surface is textured, the tiles are ‘ tumbled ‘ to give them a rounded, antique edge finish.

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