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Warm Up is the leading UK Brand in under floor heating. There underfloor heating systems offer complete flexibility with floor finish options including stone, ceramic, wood, carpet and vinyl to satisfy the most demanding of clients. It is the perfect choice for new/self-build, refurbishment and renovation projects, from harder to heat older homes to large apartment schemes and affordable housing. If you are planning an update or a refurbishment project, one room that deserves special attention is the bathroom.

Installing underfloor heating will add luxury when you want to pamper yourself and take the chill off tiles on a cold morning. At its best, this space is a personal sanctuary that sets the tone for both the beginning and end of your day. Having a floor heating system is also widely considered a key selling point, adding value to your home. Adding accessories, such as a heated towel rail and mirror demisters complement a luxurious bathroom design, providing extra warmth and comfort.

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