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The name of the company highlight’s its emphasis on natural stone that it believes will complement homes in and around Stamford, where natural stone houses are in abundance. It also realises that not everybody who walks into our showroom will only require natural stone. After careful consideration we have decided that the variety and quality of tiles supplied by Original Style would fit well with our portfolio.

Natural Stone Bathrooms


A collection of contemporary tiles, with formats and designs suitable for every taste, location and setting. The tiles are chosen to reflect the latest exciting trends in interior design. Large formats, innovative textures, a wide range of finishes, colours and effects using the latest ink jet technology. The selection of porcelain and ceramic tiles from around the world offer you tiles that are both beautiful and practical.

Natural Stone Bathrooms


Glass has been used in the decoration of buildings for a thousand years or more, and its reflective qualities are continually being redefined. The latest GLASSWORKS collection makes it possible for you to enjoy the translucent beauty of this versatile and colourful material on interior walls, throughout your home. Glass tiles are available in many sizes and formats, including large splashbacks, stunning decorative effects, beautiful metallic, mosaics in hexagon and brick bond formats, and a whole spectrum of colours in both glossy and frosted finishes.

Natural Stone Bathrooms


Inspiration for this unique range of tiles can be traced back to Ancient Greece and Rome, for it was art and architecture from this era that was the basis for many of the Renaissance, Regency and Victorian imagery which forms much of this exclusive collection. Artworks include classic works of art on ceramic tiles which faithfully reproduce the colours and textures of the original canvases. Moreover, the mouldings are made, hand finished and fired in ORIGINAL STYLE kilns, before they are hand painted by skilled artisans in Devon.

Natural Stone Bathrooms


They say your home is your castle – this may have been true for Queen Victoria but most of us live in houses that are rather more modest! Many British homes built from around 1860 (when these types of floors became popular for houses as well as palaces, churches, pubs and shops) may well have tiled front path, porch, entrance hall or kitchen. It’s easy to replicate or restore these areas to their ORIGINAL STYLE with these Victorian geometric floor tiles, which are hard wearing, long lasting, making light of wet weather and most of all are simply beautiful.

Natural Stone Bathrooms

ODYSSEY - Tiles inspired by journeys of discovery. As well as ODYSSEY PRIMO, the enhanced range now includes ODYSSEY GRANDE, a range of larger floor tiles, in designs ranging from a simple floral corner to complex intertwining patterns. In addition there is the Tapestry Collection of wall tiles, created to resemble a patchwork effect made up from coordinating designs in shades of blue on a crisp white background. Maybe our ODYSSEY tiles will remind you of your own travels visiting unfamiliar lands, wandering through markets, collecting interesting artefacts as souvenirs on your trip. Take ODYSSEY into your home for your own global adventure-a world of tiles at your feet or on your wall.

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